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It is with great enthusiasm that I write you all to say, WE DID IT!  Yes, that means me and YOU!  

As most of you know, I launched my first crowd funding campaign last year through PledgeMusic.  A big handful of you stepped right up and helped me reach my goal and beyond.  Helped me live my dream to record an album in Memphis, soaking up the history of the very music that made me want to get on stage and create our rock 'n' roll church of love and soul. To say “thank you” doesn’t even feel sufficient but it will have to do for now. THANK YOU.  You are all such a deep part of what I feel is my most special body of work to date.

The album has been done now for a little while but the rest of the tasks at hand were in no way even close to being complete.  Those next steps were; finding a home for the album, setting up a release date, tour dates, artwork, promotional team, etc.  For a year now, I haven’t come up for air other than to do a handful of shows and be with my baby boy!  But now we are at last, ready to rise!

Having fulfilled my contractual obligation with Ruf Records, to whom I am eternally grateful to for giving me my first real record deal and believing me and my music, I decided to shop the album around to see what kind of reaction it would get.  For the first time in my career, I found myself in uncharted territory, A handful of labels coming to me and actually vying for it.  Through that reaffirmation, I realized I had something really special here.  Of course, every album to me is special.  The lyrics are always written by me and always come from a deeply personal place.  But this album really cut to my core through the deep reflection of so much family loss, the birth of my son and especially the years of road-life; getting to know all of you, all of your pain, loss and lust for life and the joy of  us sharing that on and off the stage.  This time I had so much more to say.  And “that” said…I took another scary step toward another big dream I’ve had for some time now. (drum roll please)…


Thanks to the help of a friend and very successful businessman who has believed in my music for some time now, and who not long ago asked me “why aren’t you more well known?" To which I replied, “Because I need more support!”  After sitting down and analyzing what that support actually meant, it led to the decision to partner up and create my own label.  

So, without further ado, I would like to announce that my new album Love Lives On, will be released worldwide on my new label, Get Along Records this May 18, 2018!  


Hard to believe the process for this started a year ago.  In that year I have learned so much.  I’ve been so fortunate to have assembled an incredible team of wise, industry veterans along with some new, young, innovative thinkers, all who have guided me every step of the way on this process.  This process that started with all of YOU.  First and foremost our journey together since my touring began almost 10 years ago, but especially for this first big, scary step I took last year asking for your help.  

Your help and support has allowed me to keep following my dream to make music and continue to share it with the world.  Hopefully, now in an even bigger way.  The tour dates are rolling in and man-oh-man is it going to be a hell of a busy year! All thanks to you.  All of you and especially you pledgers who got me here.  You know who you are and trust me, so do I.  

Love Lives On is about hope and perseverance.  Something you have all given me.  I hope in some way this album can give some of that back to you.  Starting in April with The Love Lives On Tour! Check here for a show near you and I can't wait to see you!  

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With Love Living ON and tremendous gratitude,