It has felt so good to be back on tour with my musical brothers and for the first time with my precious boy, Aidan!  He's been one happy, playful, smiling and sleeping baby boy just LOVING the attention from my band mates and friends, especially his Uncle Walter!  He has infused me with a whole new passion for life and our celebration of it through music.

Our 2 days off were spent in Haarlem (yes my home city in New York is named after this great Dutch city!) and we enjoyed sight seeing and tasting lots of yummy food.   Aidan even got a tiny taste of Creme Brûlée a la Flambé! Shhhh.  

Thank you Switzerland and (so far) Netherlands for the great, packed and sold out shows and your wonderful reception of me and the new music.  Not to mention all the awesome baby gifts! Especially Miffy The Rabbit nightlight and the Fluffy White Cat! 

I must say I am having a blast with my baby boy on the road.  And he seems pretty damn happy to be here!


Oh and for those wondering about sleep... he's remained on his USA time clock which works great because then I have to only be away from him when I'm on stage!  Then after the show we have our bath together and it's bed time!  :-). He crashes about an hour before I do giving me time to pack up and organize for the next trek to the next city!

Last night was Arnhem at a great new venue for me called Luxor Live.  Beautiful theater & beautiful audience

photo: Jette Haan

photo: Jette Haan

Tonight was Heerlen...tomorrow Drachten then Breda then Weert!  

Hope to see you at all the remaining shows until I head back to NYC!

photo: Jette Haan

photo: Jette Haan

Love, Love, Love, 

Dana & Aidan