Cruising along under a midnight, three quarter moon in the Netherlands, heading back to our hotel near Amsterdam airport.  After almost a month in Europe, winding down the Ready To Rise Tour 2017, I'm in the back of the Sprinter bus next to my snoring 1 year old and reflecting on this latest wild adventure.  


As I wrote weeks ago. the tour began with a bang of awareness that my baby is no longer an infant but now an official toddler.  A little human with his own will and personality, his own food and sleep schedule and his unique perspective which has updated mine of these wonderful countries and cultures, my band family and my road friends.  Now all seen in a new light.  


This tour began in Netherlands, where, touring began for me years ago and years later just last April, Netherlands is where touring began for Aidan.  However, just like Mama, this boy seems to find a different joy and wonderment in each country.


I'm sitting here, marveling as I type, about how each cultural shift is such a new gift.  The food, the landscape and of course the shows and the audiences.  We share our hours together night after night under the umbrella of music.  Celebrating life in all it's painful glory and being reminded how much we need each other.


I see so many of the same friends meeting up at many of my shows in their respective countries.  Wow - thank you.


We've gone from cycling through Vincent Van Gogh-like lighting in NL, munching the real Gouda cheese,  (pronounced "khowda" FYI) with shows where you have to rise above the volume of powerful Dutch lungs; to the misty majestic fjords and ever-so-present Viking audiences of Norway; to the sunny hills of Tuscany, Italy, where my baby tried white tartufo tagliatelle and took a bonafide pause to coo over the pungent, shocking taste then excitedly leaned in for more with a wide open happy little greedy mouth!  


Then it was off to Switzerland where the cheese and chocolate are as rich as the landscape (& the beautiful people packing the venues haha).  After that, we finally returned to Germany for a semi-private duo show hosted by dear German and Swiss friends that had us all in tears at the end.  There was a photo retrospective of my last few years on German stages and the blogs I've written over the years translated from English to German!  

20171028JJS_Dana Fuchs @ Theater Alte Kelter Winnenden_001.jpg
20171028JJS_Dana Fuchs @ Theater Alte Kelter Winnenden_051.jpg
20171028JJS_Dana Fuchs @ Theater Alte Kelter Winnenden_053.jpg
20171028JJS_Dana Fuchs @ Theater Alte Kelter Winnenden_084.jpg

We all knew we had just shared such a life moment which ended with me, Jon, our crew and friends dining with our dear hosts in one of the most cozy and picturesque homes I've ever set foot in.  An old school cuckoo clock that made Aidan squeal with delight reminded us it was getting late, but before parting, we got the delightful, surreal surprise of being rewarded with a private viewing of a magical mini "train" world - created by our host, Hans Wöhr.  A world that gives Disneyland a serious run for their Mickey Mouse money!  15 years in the making and trust me these photos don't do it justice.


Finally, it was back to Netherlands to nicely bookend our perfect little tour.  Another private duo show with Dutch friends who created a small club in back of their home and one wall entirely was a larger than life-sized me!  We rocked over the din of raucous Dutchies and then enjoyed some vegan bitterballen.  One of my favorite Dutch treats!


My eyes, ears, palate and heart have opened on a whole new level.


I feel so much gratitude for these opportunities to experience the world.  Only now, I get to bring this new little life along with me to do the same.  Who knows, maybe in some way he'll remember this. If not, lord knows I've got endless videos and photos to show him. :)


Thank you everyone in the US AND EUROPE for continuing to give me this privilege of being on stage making music.  It is something that feels equally as natural as motherhood.  And now, with my baby boy Aidan, who seems like he's been having the time of his new little life!


Just hope he's not too bored in the city that never sleeps now that we're back home to stay put for the rest of the year enjoying a New York City autumn and holiday season.  Ahhh.


Finally, I hope to see you at one or all of the last three shows of the Ready To Rise Tour 2017!


11/17 The Heights at Brother Vic’s in South Salem NY

12/1 Funk ‘n Waffles in Syracuse NY

12/2 Massry Center for the Arts in Albany NY

Love and Gratitude,